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Aiosa project

The Aiosa project arises from the olive-growing tradition of Bajo Aragon and the most refined methods for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil extraction.

Aiosa is the project of Javier Esteban Carbonell, a historian, archaeologist and farmer who in 2019 decided to unite the landscape of his childhood in the town of Alloza in Teruel and his professional knowledge of oil production in a new life project linked to the land and landscape.

Aiosa is inspired by the shared sonority of the name Alloza -which also means green almond- and the
Italian words ‘a iosa’, which mean “Lots” or “in abundance”.

Abundance is generating well-being around us, it is creating an excellent product, it is knowing that other people will fill their table with the fruit of a job well done. That’s Aiosa.

Applying a contemporary vision and a passion for gourmet oils and wines, cultivated by studying and working directly on farms, wineries and mills in Italy, Aiosa produces early harvest and cold extraction oils from native varieties to obtain all the flavor of the green oil.

Since its first harvest, Aiosa has been obtaining international recognition such as Gold at the Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2021, an international extra virgin olive oil contest in which more than 400 producers from all over the world participated.

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