500ml Evoo Premium Coupage

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Experience the richness of our Evoo Aiosa Coupage, elegantly presented in a stylish Doric bottle crafted by Bruni Glass, featuring Etruscan green glass for optimal preservation of its inherent qualities.

Crafted from a blend of Royal, Arbequina, Empeltre, and Verdeña olive varieties, this early harvest extra virgin olive oil is carefully produced. The olives are handpicked in early November, capturing their vibrant green hue as they transition to the veraison stage.

On the palate, indulge in a balanced bitterness complemented by a subtle and delightful spiciness. Meanwhile, the aroma profile encompasses notes of tomato, fennel, green almond, and artichoke. This exceptional oil serves as an ideal accompaniment to fresh cheese, avocado, tomato salads, or a medley of vegetables.

Explore and elevate your culinary experiences with our Aiosa Coupage Evoo, available at our Online store.

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Dimensions 14.5 × 38 × 17.5 cm

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