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Our farm is a love story for the land and for tradition. We started this adventure in 2020 with the aim of recovering and preserving the fields and olive trees of our town. And that’s how today, we can proudly say that we manage multiple fields throughout the municipal term of Alloza, where we work with the utmost dedication and effort to obtain the best fruits from our beloved olives.

Our fields are terraced with stone walls, in an authentic Mediterranean landscape that merges with the history of our ancestors. In total, we manage around 2000 olive trees of the varieties Royal de Alloza, Empeltre, Arbequina, and Verdeña. Each of these varieties contributes its own character and flavor to the oil we produce.

Our olive trees are dry-farmed, which means that they are cultivated without artificial irrigation, in a natural environment and without artificial interventions. In this way, we obtain an oil that is more intense in aromas and flavor, which faithfully reflects the essence of our land.

Among our olive trees, we can find some that are more than 300 years old, authentic treasures that speak to us of the history and wisdom of our ancestors. But we also lovingly care for the younger ones, which are around 30 years old, to ensure that they grow strong and healthy and provide us with their delicious fruit.

In our project, we strive to care for each tree individually, paying attention to their needs and pampering them with organic treatments and natural fertilizers. We work with the land, listening and learning from it, and always trying to maintain a balance between sustainability and productivity.

In summary, our farm is a love story for the land and for our roots. A commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the agricultural and cultural heritage of our town. And all of this is reflected in the quality of our oils, which are the result of the work and dedication of many generations of farmers who have worked to keep this tradition alive.


Olives are majestic trees that have been cultivated and revered for centuries. In our fields, we are fortunate to have a large number of olive trees, including centenary olive trees of the Royal de Alloza variety, native to the town and a symbol of our area.

These centenary olive trees are a wonder of nature. Their twisted trunks and extended branches speak to us of the wisdom of the years, and their fruits, the olives, are the result of generations of farmers who have worked tirelessly to keep this tradition alive.

But it’s not just centenary olive trees of the Royal de Alloza variety that we have, we also have olive trees of the Empeltre, Arbequina and Verdeña varieties, which add to the richness of our collection.

Each of these varieties has its own character and personality. For example, the Empeltre is a variety that produces a delicate and aromatic olive oil, while the Verdeña is more intense and produces a powerful and persistent olive oil on the palate.

In our fields, olive trees are more than just a simple crop. They are a connection to the land and our history, a source of pride, and a constant inspiration to continue working with dedication and respect for nature. As the Greek poet Homer said, “olive oil is the greatest source of wealth there is in the world”.


On our farm, the cultivation of olive trees is an art form. One of the methods we use to ensure the best performance and health of our trees is the policonical vase pruning, a pruning technique that consists of shaping the tree to have an open crown with multiple trunks. This technique offers multiple advantages for both the tree and the farmer.

Firstly, the policonical vase pruning allows the tree to receive more light and air, which favors its growth and the production of higher quality fruits. Additionally, thanks to the shape of the crown, harvesting the fruits becomes easier and more efficient, as the branches can be easily accessed without difficulty.

Another advantage of this technique is that it allows for more effective foliar treatments. Having a more open crown, treatments can reach all parts of the tree more evenly and effectively.

But we don’t stop there, we treat our trees with great care and attention. Our olive trees receive a fertilization with organic matter of animal and vegetable origin, which guarantees a balanced and natural nutrition. In addition, we apply multiple foliar treatments with organic fertilizers that we produce ourselves, which reinforces the trees’ health and gives them the energy necessary to produce high-quality olives.

On our farm, we are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture, and this is reflected in each of the care we dedicate to our olive trees. Thanks to these techniques and care, our trees grow strong and healthy, producing high-quality fruits that result in a delicious extra virgin olive oil.


Alloza is a small town located in the Sierra de Arcos, in the province of Teruel, Spain. Its landscape is characterized by a mountainous geography with typically Mediterranean vegetation and a great diversity of native fauna. Extensive fields of olive and almond trees dominate the landscape along with fields of cereal and vineyards. In spring, the countryside is filled with wildflowers that create a multicolored blanket over the terrain. In addition to the crops, Alloza is famous for its forest of Carrasco pine, which covers much of the mountains and provides great richness in biodiversity and fauna. There, diverse animal species can be found such as the golden eagle, the griffon vulture, the wild boar, or the fox. The Escuriza river also provides an important landscape value, with its clear water course that meanders between the mountains and creates small waterfalls and pools in its course. The whole landscape of Alloza forms a unique and charming image, which invites you to enjoy nature and disconnect from the daily routine. A place where the tranquility and beauty of the environment blend to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

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