Web accessibility refers to the practice of making websites accessible to all users, regardless of their physical, mental, technological, and cultural abilities. Websites must also be designed so that people with any type of disability can access, read, and use their content. How do we achieve this? By combining programming elements, content labeling, and design styles. Thanks to this, we achieve a personalized user experience.

At Aiosa Olive Oil, we are committed to offering an accessible website for everyone. We have followed all the recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and have achieved the level of compliance with double AA.

We have designed this website to be easy to use for all users. We have followed the principles of universal design to provide a satisfying user experience for everyone and implemented a variety of measures to ensure that information is accessible to all. Finally, to verify these conditions, we have tested the website with Tawdis or with the Wave Evaluation tool.

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